solar garden light application

Today, more and more people use solar garden lights to light up their outdoor area, solar garden lights make the gardens/backyards/patios illuminated and glow. The installation of the solar garden lights is very easy as they are all cable-free, people can fix them directly to where they like without worrying about the cable or power supply limits.

However, sometimes people feel frustrated when they find the solar garden lights are not working and they don’t know how to fix the problem. Below are some tips from Judeng Lighting:

NO.1 Check the lamp button

Some people may ignore or forget there is a button on the lamp, for the first time use, do remember to test the lamp by pressing the button. Cover the solar panel and press the button, make sure the button is at ON mode and the solar garden light can be lit up. Only after that, you can fix the solar garden lights outdoor.

NO.2 Confirm the control mode

Some solar garden lights come with a remote controller, when installing the lamp, make sure you press the ON button of this remote controller. And there are some lighting modes shown on the remote. For example, if you want the solar garden light to work the whole night, then you should not press the 3H/5H constant lighting mode. You need to have a clear knowledge of what mode you need for the solar garden lights then select the right one.

NO.3 Do install in an open area

Solar garden lights need sufficient sunshine during the daytime, so the installation location should be without any shelter or obstacles. Thus, you need to guarantee the solar garden lights can receive sunshine as much as possible under the sun.

NO.4 Check the solar panel dirt

After a period of time use, the solar panel may have some fallen leaves or some rain water-dirt on the surface, which causes the lower charging efficiency of the solar panel. When the solar garden lights fail to be fully charged, they will last a shorter time at night.

NO.5 Batteries are not working well

If your solar light panel works well, and you have sufficient sunshine for the solar garden light every day, but the solar lights still do not last long, one of the possible reasons will be the batteries. Some solar light manufacturers make solar garden lights with very bad quality batteries to lower the prices of solar lights. These solar lights can work well in the first 2-3 months. After that, the batteries fail and it will cause the lasting time of the solar light to drop very much. If you find the batteries fail, you can try to replace a new battery.