As solar lights are widely used nowadays, many led lighting importers or distributors are trying to purchase different kinds of solar lights from China manufacturers, most of them buy solar street lights, solar garden lights, and solar flood lights, etc. Judn Solar, as a professional solar lights manufacturer with more than 8 years of manufacturing experience of solar lights, here we can give some tips if you want to start importing business from China solar lights manufacturers.

No.1 Find A Reliable Solar Lights Manufacturer in China

There are many ways to find solar lights manufacturers in China, you can search on,, which are two main B2B platforms with many solar lights manufacturers, some of them are manufacturers, others are trading companies, you can distinguish them during the discussion. Also, you can search on google, I have to say that, google is a better way cos those companies who have a company website with good rank are not small companies, at least they have professional salespeople to present their companies and products online, these people could be a professional partner who can trust. Solar lights manufacturers are from two main areas: Shenzhen & Zhongshan. Do remember to know that Zhongshan is more for a production area, and Shenzhen is more for a sales & marketing area, not 100% correct but you can believe it 70-80%. If you want to cooperate with solar lights factories, contact the ones from Zhongshan, if you want trading companies who can handle more things than only production, you can contact the Shenzhen ones. Just a suggestion. Anyway, you always need to spend time talking to them,  or trying some samples or orders, to know if they are suitable solar lights manufacturers to work together with.

No.2 Select the Suitable Solar Flood Lights You Need

  1. Housing Materials: There are PC housing and Aluminum housing solar lights in the markets. The PC solar lights have more competitive prices, aluminum solar lights have better heat irritation. You can choose based on your target prices.
  2. Solar Panel: Solar lights manufacturers have two types of solar panels: Monocrystalline silicon and Polycrystalline silicon. Compare the prices, Polycrystalline silicon is cheaper than Monocrystalline silicon, as a result, most solar lights manufacturers are selling solar lights with Polycrystalline Silicon solar panels. Monocrystalline silicon has higher efficiency during the daytime to transfer light into electricity. Solar lights suppliers who are more focused on the quality of solar lights will use Monocrystalline silicon. As for Judn Solar, we use Monocrystalline silicon for all our solar lights.
  3. Battery: Battery is a very important part of solar lights. While every solar light manufacturer is selling their solar lights in the same capacity of the battery, the quality will be super different. You can tell the quality is good or not from the appearance of the battery, the best way to avoid buying solar lights with very bad quality batteries is to find a reliable solar lights supplier. Secondly, try some samples before placing big orders. Judn Solar has a strict inspection rule for all our solar lights batteries purchased outside, we’d like to share with you more info if you want. Contact us Now.
  4. Waterproof function: Most of the solar lights are used outside, it is important to ensure they are waterproof. If the lamps are not sealed well, the moisture will damage the LEDs or control driver, which will lead to the solar lights not working well. You can require the solar lights manufacturer to offer testing reports or proof to ensure the waterproof function. Remote control & power indicator: Most of the solar lights manufacturers will make the solar lights with these two functions. The remote control is easy for people to apply different modes to the solar lights, like 2H, 3H constant lighting. Power indicators can show if the solar lights are charging normally, how much capacity is charged so that people can know the solar lights are working well or not. Thus, when you are buying, you can double-check with the solar lights supplier if its lamps have these two functions or not.
  5. Package: We have to say, the package is very important to all solar lights. Especially for solar lights with 200w, 300w, the solar panels are big, which is easy to be damaged during international transportation. You have to check with the solar lights manufacturer how they pack the lamps, require them some pictures or video to show the package. Normally we pack the solar lights with foam inside the master carton, it can protect the solar panel well even for international express delivery.