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Meeting Your Best Solar Street Lights Manufacturer In China

You Have the True Factory!

As one of the best solar street lights manufacturers in China, Judn Solar develops & produces solar lights in its own China factory for more than 8 years.  Below are some of our advantages:

  • 8 Years Manufacturing Experience of Solar Street Lights

  • CE/ROSH Certificates for all Solar Street Lights Series

  • Production Capacity is 50,000 units/month

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You Will Receive Good Quality!

To be a trustworthy solar street lights manufacturer in China, we spare no effort to keep the stable quality. All solar street lights are under a strict inspection process. Below are some core testings listed:

  • Battery Testing: Over-charge/over-discharge voltage, full charged capacity, etc

  • Solar Panel Testing: Confirm all cells are working well without dead failure

  • Motion sensor testing, lighting lasting time testing, etc

Orders will Arrive Smoothly!

We have more than 10 years of exporting experience for led light fixtures, our team can offer professional support during the whole process of your import business of led solar lights. We sell our solar street lights to more than 30 countries, our main market is as below:

  • Southeast Asia: Thailand, Philipines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.

  • Middle East: Israel, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.

  • South America: Peru, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, etc.

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Complete Guide:

Purchasing from a Solar Street Lights Manufacturer in China

Congratulations that you are meeting one of the best solar street lights manufacturers in China, you will have your importing business done well very soon.

We assume we are not the only solar lights supplier you’re checking now, you’re likely buying from other vendors as well. Anyway, since you’re searching for vendors, you will get support from us and our cooperation will go smoothly, we believe.

Nearly 9 years ago, we started exporting our solar street lights to customers from various different countries, we haven’t gotten failure claims and all our customers are happy to see their solar lights business grow rapidly.

We are confident to cooperate with you and below is the complete guide:

Solar garden light application

1- What is a solar street light?

Solar street lights are street lights that are working under a solar power system, they are produced with photovoltaic panels and batteries pack. Generally, they are mounted on poles to light up streets or roads. The solar panels charge a rechargeable battery during the daytime, which powers LED lamps during the night.

2- How does the solar street light motion sensor work?

For the solar street lights that people use for security use mostly, the solar street lights manufacturer always design & produce them with motion sensors. The reason why these lights need motion sensors is that they don’t need very bright lighting up all the time, but they need to highlight the area when people come who need them for the street/road/pathway illumination. Solar street lights with motion sensors are a good choice.

When there are no people in the sensing area, the solar street lights are dim, most solar street lights manufacturers make it 10-30% brightness when the lamps are dim.

When there are people passing by, being in the sensing area, the motion sensor detects them and automatically changes into full 100% brightness. It will last at least 15 seconds, or 30 seconds, based on the different designs by the solar street lights manufacturer.

When the people walk out of the sensing area, the solar street lights detect no more movement, they will change back to dim lighting.

solar street light motion function
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3- What are the modes of solar street lights on the remote?

Most all-in-one solar street lights come with a remote controller. Normally it has 3 main types of lighting modes:

  1. Motion sensor modes: When people come 100% brightness for 10-15 seconds when no people pass by, 10-30% brightness.
  2. Constant lighting modes: The lamps keep lighting up, but the brightness will be weakened hours later. Normally the setting will be 1H-100%, 2H-70%, 4H-50%, 3H-30%. Different solar street lights manufacturers will have different settings for these constant lighting modes.
  3. Lighting time setting modes: People can set the lighting time, after 3H/5H/8H, the lamp can automatically be off.
All in one solar street light remote

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4- How to replace solar street lights battery?

After 3 years or more, the battery pack inside solar street lights may not work as well as before, but the solar panel & led lamp are all working well. It is not necessary to buy a new lamp but just to replace the battery. In fact, it is not difficult to change the battery of the solar street lights, below is an example:

5- How to solve the solar street light problems?

After the solar street lights are installed, people often find some problems happen and don’t know what to do.  As a solar street lights manufacturer for many years, Judn Solar shares some common problems:

No.1  The solar street light can’t light on.

No.2  The solar street light’s lasting time is too short.

No.3  The solar street light keeps being on even in the daytime under the sun.

No.4  The solar street light LEDs keep flickering or some dark LEDs.

Click the below button and you can find the suggestions from us to solve all these problems.

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6- The applications of solar street lights?

Where there has sunshine and need lighting, you can install solar street lights. The solar street lights can work without an electrical power supply, so you don’t need to spend time and money to dig out the road and make pipes under the ground, you don’t need wiring work at all. The solar street light system is an off-grid solar power system. It can work in villages, mountains, hills, where there is no electricity supply.

Now solar street lights are commonly used for roads that have been built before, more and more people use solar street lights to replace the traditional street lights, by doing this, you can save the cost of maintaining the old or damaged road lighting system.

Moreover, for a location that is far from the grid, solar street light is a better choice to save cost and time. Like village roads, villas, gardens, backyards, etc.

7- FAQs for buying solar street lights from Judeng?

Is Judn a real solar street lights manufacturer?2021-10-09T07:19:53+00:00

Yes, Judn is a solar street lights manufacturer in China, located in Guangdong province. Welcome to pay a factory visit to us at any time.

What’s the warranty of the solar street lights?2021-04-10T06:59:49+00:00

We offer a 2-years warranty of all our solar street lights. Within warranty time, you can contact us to solve any failure problem.

Is Judn Solar a real factory or trading company?2021-04-10T06:59:31+00:00

Absolutely Judn Solar is a real factory. We have the workshop to produce solar lights and the factory is located in Guangdong, China. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.

Can you OEM the solar street lights with my logo?2021-04-10T06:59:11+00:00

Yes, we can. We can design the solar street lights labels, color boxes, master cartons with your logo if needed.

Do you have stock of solar street lights?2021-04-10T06:58:45+00:00

Yes, we have. For most of our solar street lights, we have some finished lights in stock. Just contact us, we can arrange fast delivery.

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8- Why Judeng is your best solar street lights supplier in China?

We are a 100% true outdoor solar lights factory in China, we do mass production for solar street lights every day.  We gain reputation from the market with the brand name JUDENG LIGHTING – a reliable solar street lights manufacturer in China.

3800m² Solar Lights Workshop
320+ Satisfied Oversea Customers
130+ Smart & Professional Workers
12 Years Manufacturing Experience

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