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Meeting Your Best Solar Garden Lights Manufacturer In China

You Find the Real Factory!

As one of the best garden solar lights manufacturers in China, Judn Solar has had its own factory to develop & produce solar lights for more than 8 years.  Below are some of our advantages:

  • Monthly Production Capacity is 50,000 units

  • 8 Years Production Experience of Garden Solar Lights

  • Full Range of  Garden Solar Lights to Follow Market Trend

  • CE/ROSH Certificates for all Solar Garden Lights Series.

solar garden light production
Garden Solar lights Certificate

You Will Acquire Stable Quality!

To be your reliable garden solar lights manufacturer in China, we keep trying our best to offer stable quality solar lights to the market. We have a strict inspection process for all the solar lights’ electrical components before assembling. Below are some core testings listed:

  • Solar Panel Testing: Confirm all cells are working well without dead failure

  • Battery Testing: Nominal/Charge cut-off voltage, capacity, etc.

  • Lighting Control Function Testing, Motion Sensor testing, etc.

You can Receive Goods Smoothly!

We have an experienced team to support foreign solar light importing businesses. Having been a solar garden lights manufacturer & exporter for more than 8 years, we sell our solar garden lights to more than 30 countries, our main market are as below:

  • South America: Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc.

  • Middle East: Israel, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, etc.

  • Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Philipines, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

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Complete Guide:

Buying from a Solar Garden Lights Manufacturer in China

You must be looking for the best Solar Garden lights Manufacturer in China, congratulate that you have landed in the right place.

This may not be your first time buying solar garden lights from China, we assume you have some current Chinese suppliers as well. But since you are searching for other vendors, we believe we can help you and cooperate very soon.

Honestly, the company started producing and exporting solar garden lights 8 years ago, we have very happy clients from various different countries, we support and help them grow the solar lights import/wholesale business rapidly.

We are confident to cooperate with you and below is the complete guide:

Solar garden light application

1- What is a solar garden light?

Solar garden lights are lights that take the energy of the sun and convert it into light in the evening, they are solar-powered garden lights.

Most solar garden lights have a small photovoltaic panel on the top of the lamp, which can receive sunlight and convert it into energy stored in the batteries inside during the daytime. When it comes to night, the photovoltaic receive less or no sunlight, the solar garden lights will automatically be on by using the power stored in the batteries. The solar garden lights are equipment that can convert sunlight energy into electrical energy, then convert light energy for the LEDs.

2- What kinds of solar garden lights Judeng Solar has?

As a professional solar garden light in China, Judeng Solar produces a full range of solar garden lights:

(1) Solar Garden Spike Lights: integrated all in one/split types, solar spotlights installed with spikes.

(2) Solar Inground Lights: IP67 to enable short time water soak, with a solar panel on the top.

(3) Solar Bollard Lights: Spike/base mounted into the grass or pathways, bollard with a solar panel on the top.

(4) Solar Post Lights: High power solar post lights to be installed in the pathway, plaza, for big area illumination.

3- How long do solar garden lights last?

If the solar garden lights are fully charged during the daytime, they can last 10-12 hours usually. However, some solar garden light manufacturers may set them to last 6-8 hours only. Also, cloudy days or rainy days may cause not efficient sunlight absorbed by the solar panel, which leads to limited power to support the whole night lighting. In this case, the solar garden lights won’t last long.

Judeng Solar Lights catalog download
Download Catalog

4- How does an RGB Solar Garden Light work?

Most solar garden lights with RGB color-changing functions are automatically changed, which means once the lamps are on, they will change the lighting effect/color. Normally it has at least 7 colors, flashing/fading/jumping effects.

Judeng Solar has one type of solar garden light that can activate or inactivate the auto-changing mode by pressing the button. When you inactivate the auto-changing mode, you can have one certain color stay. With this function, our solar garden lights offer more choices for consumers to decorate their gardens.

For more information, check items below:

5- What are the reasons that the solar garden lights don’t work?

It makes people very frustrated when the solar garden lights are not working. There are some possible reasons :

(1) There is an on/off button on the solar garden lights and you don’t remember to press it to make it on.

(2) There is a remote controller with the solar garden lights, don’t forget to press the ON button.

(3) The solar garden lights fail to be charged during the daytime, possibly caused by no sunlight on the solar panel. Make sure the solar garden lights is placed and installed in a place where can receive as much as possible the sunlight.

(4) The solar garden lights were produced not good enough for the waterproof function, there is water/moisture inside the lamps, damage to the control plate or LED chips.

(5) The batteries quality is bad, after some days using, it fails to be charged.

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6- How does Judeng control the quality of solar garden lights?

To be a trustworthy solar garden lights manufacturer for overseas buyers, we have a strict production process for all our solar garden lights manufactured in our factory.

solar garden light battery capacity testing

7- FAQs for buying solar garden lights from Judeng Lighting?

Is Judn Solar a real solar garden lights Manufacturer?2021-10-09T09:39:51+00:00

Yes, Judn is a 100% real solar garden lights Manufacturer and has workshops to produce different kinds of solar garden lights.

Can you make the solar garden lights with my logo?2021-10-09T09:40:49+00:00

Yes, we can make the lamp body sticker label with your logo, also color boxes, outer cartons with your logo. Welcome to contact us for discussion.

Can I a get free sample of some solar garden lights?2021-12-01T02:33:06+00:00

Yes, you can. We always have some promotions and offer free samples to customers for checking.

Do you have solar garden lights ready in stock?2021-04-10T07:00:41+00:00

Yes, we have some solar spike lights finished in stock, welcome to contact us for fast delivery.

How long is the warranty for the solar garden lights?2021-04-10T07:00:12+00:00

We offer 2 years warranty of all our solar garden lights products.

8- Why choose Judeng Lighting as your solar garden lights supplier in China?

We are a 100% real factory in China, we have mass production for solar garden lights every day and the wholesale supply of solar lights have been more than 8 years. We gain reputation from the market with the brand name JUDENG LIGHTING – a professional solar garden lights manufacturer in China.

3800m² Solar Lights Workshop
320+ Satisfied Oversea Customers
130+ Smart & Professional Workers
12 Years Manufacturing Experience

Solar Garden Lights Technical Support

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