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Connecting Your Best Solar Flood Light Supplier In China

You Find the Manufacturer!

All solar flood lights are produced in Judeng Lighting factory, we can be your best solar flood light supplier in China. The factory has been in the solar lighting industry for more than 8 years.  Factory advantages are as below:

  • All solar flood lights are with CE/ROSH Certificates.

  • Experienced workshop with 50,000 units/month production capacity.

  • High-quality Waterproof IP65 with 2 years warranty.

solar flood light manufacturer

You will Receive the Best Quality!

Being your best solar flood light supplier in China is always our goal. We keep working hard and taking seriously the solar flood light quality. Every core component of the solar flood light is tested strictly before assembling. Below are some core testings:

  • Solar Panel Testing: Check power and confirm all cells are in good condition.

  • Battery Testing: Fully charged capacity, nominal/charge cut-off voltage, etc.

  • Solar control system: lighting control function, constant lighting mode, etc.

Your Goods will Arrive On Time!

Having been a solar flood light supplier & exporter for more than 8 years, we have a professional team to help with vessel booking, door-to-door delivery, etc. We sell to more than 30 countries, our main markets is as below:

  • Southeast Asia: Philipines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.

  • Middle East: Israel, Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.

  • South America: Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc.

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Hotselling Solar Flood Lights on Sale

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Complete Guide: Buying from a Solar Flood Light Supplier in China

We are glad to meet you here! If you’re searching for the best solar flood light supplier in China, we must be your right choice.

Mutual trust is a vital factor while you’re buying lighting fixtures from oversea. You may have worked with some China solar flood light suppliers before, but ended up with some unsatisfied issues we guess, so you’re looking for a new supplier.

We have many happy clients from various different countries, you will be one of them we believe once we start the cooperation.

We are confident about it and below is the complete guide:

Let’s dive right in:
1- What is solar flood light?

2- How to choose a suitable solar flood light?

3- Two types of solar flood light remote functions?

4- How to install solar flood lights?

5- Tips for first-time users of solar flood lights?

6- FAQs for buying solar flood lights from Judeng Lighting?

7- Why Choose Judeng as your solar flood light supplier in China?

1- What is a solar flood light?

Solar flood lights are lights with wide beam light to flood a big area, they are solar-powered with a solar panel connected and battery pack together. The solar flood light charges the battery during the daytime by the solar panel and the battery discharges to power the LEDs at night.

2- How to choose a suitable solar flood light?

  1. Housing Materials: There are PC housing and Aluminum housing solar flood lights in the markets. The PC solar flood lights have more competitive prices, aluminum solar flood lights have better heat irritation. You can choose based on your target prices.
  2. Solar Panel: Solar flood lights suppliers have two types of solar panels: Monocrystalline silicon and Polycrystalline silicon. Compare the prices, Polycrystalline silicon is cheaper than Monocrystalline silicon, as a result, most solar flood lights suppliers are selling solar flood lights with Polycrystalline Silicon solar panels. Monocrystalline silicon has higher efficiency during the daytime to transfer light into electricity. Solar flood lights suppliers who are more focused on the quality of solar lights will use Monocrystalline silicon. As for Judn Solar, we use Monocrystalline silicon for all our solar flood lights.
  3. Battery: Battery is a very important part of solar flood lights. While every solar flood light supplier is selling their solar lights in the same capacity of the battery, the quality will be super different. You can tell the quality is good or not from the appearance of the battery, the best way to avoid buying solar flood lights with very bad quality batteries is to find a reliable solar flood lights supplier. Secondly, try some samples before placing big orders. Judn Solar has a strict inspection rule for all our solar flood lights batteries purchased outside, we’d like to share with you more info if you want. Contact us Now.
  4. Waterproof function: Most of the solar flood lights are used outside, it is important to ensure they are waterproof. If the lamps are not sealed well, the moisture will damage the LEDs or control driver, which will lead to the solar flood lights not working well. You can require the solar flood lights supplier to offer testing reports or proof to ensure the waterproof function. Remote control & power indicator: Most of the solar flood lights suppliers will make the solar flood lights with these two functions. The remote control is easy for people to apply different modes to the solar flood lights, like 2H, 3H constant lighting. Power indicators can show if the solar flood lights are charging normally, how much capacity is charged so that people can know the solar flood lights are working well or not. Thus, when you are buying, you can double-check with the solar flood lights supplier if its lamps have these two functions or not.
  5. Package: We have to say, the package is very important to all solar lights. Especially for solar flood lights with 200w, 300w, the solar panels are big, which is easy to be damaged during international transportation. You have to check with the solar flood lights supplier how they pack the lamps, require them some pictures or video to show the package. Normally we pack the solar flood lights with foam inside the master carton, it can protect the solar panel well even for international express delivery.

3- Two types of solar flood light remote functions?

Judeng Solar Lights catalog download
Download Catalog
solar flood light remote
solar flood light remote controller

4- Tips for first-time users of solar flood lights?

As a professional solar flood light supplier in China, here we give some suggestions about people’s first-time to using solar flood lights:
1. Connect the solar panel and lamp, do remember to place the solar panel under the sun.
2. Check the indicator, if you find a red led light up or flashing, it means the solar panel system is charging.
3. Put batteries into the remote, press the on/off button to confirm the solar flood lights can be controlled by the remote.
4. Do note that the solar flood lights have a light control function. If the solar panel is under sunshine, the lamps will be off, only when the solar panels in dark or covered, the lamps can be lit up.
5. There are multiple timing and dimming on the remote control, which can be adjusted according to the needs.

5- How to install a solar flood light?

Contact us now

6- FAQs for buying solar flood lights from Judeng Lighting?

Are solar flood lights produced by your company?2021-10-09T03:50:03+00:00

Yes, all the solar flood lights are produced in our company, we are solar lights manufacturer with the workshop to do the production.

What’s the warranty of the solar flood lights?2021-10-09T03:48:12+00:00

We offer a 2-year warranty for all our solar flood lights. Within 2 years, we are responsible for repairing or giving new replacement.

Do you have solar flood lights ready in stock?2021-10-09T03:13:52+00:00

Yes, we have. We keep some finished solar flood lights in stock, to support fast delivery sometimes. Welcome to contact us for samples.

Do I need to turn on the solar flood lights every day?2021-10-09T03:06:05+00:00

 No, you don’t need to. The solar flood lights have a control system inside, when the surroundings become dark(when dusk comes), they will turn on automatically.

Are your solar flood lights housing aluminum or plastic?2021-10-09T03:02:19+00:00

Both our solar flood lights series are with aluminum housing, not plastic housing. A series is white housing while B series is black housing.

How long will Solar flood lights stay on at night?2021-10-09T03:00:01+00:00

Our solar flood lights can last the whole night for 10-12 hours if they are fully charged during the daytime. The solar flood lights need at least 6 full hours in the sun for a full charge.

8- Why choose Judeng Lighting as your solar flood lights supplier in China?

We are a 100% real solar lights manufacturer in China, thousands of solar flood lights are produced in the Judeng Lighting factory every day, they are exported to different countries every month.

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