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Solar Floodlight High Power 100W

Solar Flood Lights GB series use high-efficiency Monocrystalline solar panels, it can generate more solar power during the daytime which can ensure long-lasting time at night. You will get a 5-meter extension cable between the lamp and solar panel, making installation more easily.


  • Aluminum housing with Monocrystalline solar panel
  • SMD5730 Chips 25W-300W
  • High-Efficiency Monocrystalline 6V 6W-50w
  • Good Quality Battery 5AH-40AH
  • With remote controller & 5-meter extension cable
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Item No. Chips Power Size Battery Capacity Solar Panel Data Capacity Indication
JD-ST25B 25w 190*155*45mm 3.2V 5AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 6W With
JD-ST40B 40w 230*195*50mm 3.2V 10AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 12W With
JD-ST60B 60w 260*220*60mm 3.2V 15AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 15W With
JD-ST100B 100w 315*265*70mm 3.2V 20AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 25W With
JD-ST200B 200w 350*290*75mm 3.2V 30AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 35W With
JD-ST300B 300w 400*315*90mm 3.2V 40AH/32650 Mono silicon 6V 45W With

Package Details

Solar flood light lamp x 1,  Solar Panel x 1, Fixing Accessories x 1

solar flood light package image
Item Code Box size Carton Size QTY in Carton
JD-ST25B (lamp) 20*5.5*17.5CM 42*30*37CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST25B (panel) 20*3*30.5CM 64*31*22CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST40B (lamp) 23.5*5*20.8CM 48.5*27*43CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST40B (panel) 25*3*36CM 64.5*26.5*38CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST60B (lamp) 27.5*6.8*23.8CM 56.5*36*49CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST60B (panel) 36.5*3*31.5CM 64.5*32*38CM 20pcs/ctn
JD-ST100B (lamp) 31.5*8*27.8CM 57*42*33CM 10pcs/ctn
JD-ST100B (panel) 36.5*3*47CM 49*32*38CM 10pcs/ctn
JD-ST200B (lamp) 37*10*31CM 53*32*39CM 5pcs/ctn
JD-ST200B (panel) 36.5*3*61CM 62.5*32.5*38CM 10pcs/ctn
JD-ST300B (lamp) 42*10*35CM 53*36*44CM 5pcs/ctn
JD-ST300B (panel) 46*3.5*68.5CM 70*20*48CM 5pcs/ctn

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