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Judn Solar : Solar Lights Manufacturer in China

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Your Best Solar Lights Manufacturer In China

LED Solar Lights Manufacturer in China

As a professional solar lights manufacturer in China, Judn Solar manufactures & exports solar lights to foreign led lights wholesalers/distributors/importers. Below are some of our advantages:

  • Monthly Production Capacity is 50,000 units

  • 8 Years Manufacturing Experience of Solar Lights

  • Stable Quality Solar Lights to Meet Market Demand

solar lights manufacturer

90% LED Solar Lights are Exported

As an experienced solar lights manufacturer for more than 10 years, Judn Solar has a professional team to support customers all over the world. Below are the main markets we sell to:

  • Asia: Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, etc

  • Latin America: Brazil, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, etc.

  • Middle East: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, etc.

solar lights manufacturer

Stable Quality of Every LED Solar Light

Aim at being your trustworthy solar lights manufacturer, we have a strict inspection process of all the solar lights components including solar panel testing, battery capacity testing, solar lights waterproof testing, etc.

  • Solar Panel Can Work Up to 15 Years

  • LED Lifespan 50,000 Hours

  • All Solar Lights with 2 year Warranty

Solar Lights Battery Capacity Test

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Why Judn is Your Reliable Solar Lights Manufacturer in China?

3800m² Solar Lights Workshop
320+ Satisfied Oversea Customers
130+ Smart & Professional Workers
12 Years Manufacturing Experience

Technology Support from Solar Lights Manufacturer in China

FAQs – About LED Solar Lights:

Is Judn a solar lights manufacturer or trading company?2021-10-11T06:44:27+00:00

Judn Solar is a real solar lights manufacturer in China, located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. We have our own factory to produce all solar lights.

What’s the warranty of your solar lights?2021-10-12T03:00:27+00:00

We offer a 2-year warranty on all our solar lights, for projects, we can customize 3 years or more warranty based on inquiry.

Can I charge solar lights without sun?2021-04-19T02:21:02+00:00

Yes, you can. You can use a suitable power charger adaptor to charge the solar lights if needed. The solar lights can be charged like a cellphone if you get the right charger. (only when you have to make the solar lights on and you find no way to get sunlight for days)

Can the solar lights be used in rain?2021-10-11T06:51:32+00:00

Yes, our solar lights are made with IP65 for outdoor use, they can work normally in rain, but not be soaking.

Do solar light batteries need to be replaced?2021-04-19T02:20:46+00:00

Yes. It is necessary to replace the solar light batteries 1-2 years after, or when you find the lasting time of the solar lights gets much shorter than before, you should consider changing new batteries in the solar light.

Do solar lights turn off during the day?2021-04-19T02:20:54+00:00

The solar lights can be automatically turn off when dawn comes. They have a lighting sensing control system and can auto on/off when sensing darkness/brightness.

Do solar lights charge on cloudy days?2021-10-12T02:52:11+00:00

Yes, the solar lights can be charged on cloudy days but probably not fully charged in a day, it can still use the stored energy from the batteries and light on at night.

How long can the solar lights last working well?2021-04-19T02:21:25+00:00

Normally, the batteries in solar lights can last about 2-3 years before replacement needed. LEDs, the solar panels can last 10 years or more.

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Types of LED Solar Lights Control Methods

Unlike the normal led lights powered by electricity, solar lights have a whole system to generate solar power into electrical power, then light up the led lights. The core technology of solar lights is the controller system, which decides the working theme of the solar lights under different situations.

Some new beginners who start buying solar lights may be a little confused about how the solar lights control system work. As a solar lights manufacturer in this solar lights industry for more than 10 years, here we’d like to share some information about it.

Basically, there are 4 types of solar lights control methods.

NO.1 Light Control

To make it simple, we can understand that solar lights are controlled by the changing of the light.

The light controller will automatically control the light on and off by sensing the intensity of the light on the solar panel. After installation of the solar lights, you don’t need to adjust the light on and off time according to the season. It will automatically turn off during the day and turn on at night. This kind of light control is now widely used in lithium-ion solar lights.

Some people will ask if the solar lights will turn on automatically if it is cloudy. It depends on the cloudy extent. Under the common cloudy extent, it will not light up. It will only light up under extreme conditions that cloudy make the surroundings as dark as that at night. Also, in such kind of cloudy moment, the solar lights shall be on for lighting.

NO.2 Time Control

In this time control mode, the solar lights will be lighting up in different modes according to time changes. The time setting is made in advance during the production of the solar lights. Normally solar lights manufacturers will make the time control based on light output brightness, for example, 3 hours 100% brightness, 2 hours 70% brightness, etc. Most of the solar street lights that are built along the main roads need a time control mode setting. Based on different applications, solar lights manufacturers will also customize the time control mode accordingly.

NO.3 Remote Control

The remote control is widely used in led light fixtures include solar lights. It is not difficult to understand the functions. Solar lights manufacturer will design several lighting modes in advance in the controller built inside the solar lights, then send them together with the compatible remote controller. You can change different working modes of the solar lights by using the remote. Different solar lights manufacturer will have different designs of the remote, remember to get clear instructions for it.

NO.4 ON/OFF Button

Some solar lights have an ON/OFF button on the housing, most of them are solar lights for gardens or homes so that people can decide the lights are on or off according to their needs. Some solar lights manufacturer may design the button hidden in order to make the solar lights with good waterproof function. It is essential to give instructions to consumers and make sure they know how to find the ON/OFF button.

Above are the four main control methods of solar lights, when you are importing solar lights from a solar lights manufacturer in China, you can check what control methods the solar lights have, then you can have a better understanding of what functions you will get. To get more information about solar lights, you can also contact us now.

When You Want to Buy from a Solar Lights Manufacturer:

As the market demand for solar lights becomes much bigger than ever before, many Led lights importers, distributors, wholesalers want to start a new business of solar lights also. Unlike the normal led lights, solar lights are different from solar panels and batteries inside. People will be a little confused about how to buy good quality solar lights from China solar lights manufacturers at the very beginning. Below are some points or questions we suggest you ask before you buy from the solar lights manufacturer:

What’s the lasting time for the solar lights?

Most solar street lights solar flood lights require lighting the whole night, so their lasting time should be at least 8 hours or more. Some solar garden lights, don’t have a bigger solar panel or high capacity batteries, they may only last about 4-6 hours. Anyway, you should check with the solar lights manufacturer and get their confirmation about the lasting time of the solar lights.

How’s the brightness of the solar lights?

It is hard to compare the brightness of the solar light by asking the solar lights manufacturer of how much lux or lumen their solar lights have, cos most of them don’t test them. However, you can ask them to take photos or videos to show the brightness, or you shall get samples from different solar lights manufacturers and compare the brightness. Also, you can ask them and get suggestions about how big the area their solar lights can illuminate.

How many rainy days the solar lights can last?

In some areas, there will be many rainy days in the year. You shall ask the solar lights manufacturer how many rainy days they design for the solar lights can last. Normally the solar lights can last 1-3 rainy days when they are fully charged. For some road lighting projects, the solar lights manufacturer many customize them with more rainy days lasting according to the project requirement.

What’s the lifespan of solar lights?

Solar lights lifespan is the most important point that you should get confirmation from the solar lights manufacturer. Normally the solar panels can be used for more than 10 years, LED chips for 50000 hours, control driver 3-5 years, but focus on the batteries lifespan. The solar lights manufacturer always offers a warranty based on the battery’s lifespan. Check with them how many years after that you should replace the batteries of the solar lights.

solar lights application
solar lights application

After asking about these 5 questions above, you can have a better understanding of the solar light’s functions and know what you will get from the solar lights manufacturer. For more information about solar lights, you can contact us now, we will always be here trying to be your best solar lights manufacturer in China.

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