As we know, solar lights are used in outdoor applications. They charge under sunlight and discharge during the night automatically, without any human intervention during their ordinary operation. What if the sunlight is very strong causing the battery over-charged? What if many rainy days last making the battery over-discharged? The battery is easily damaged under over-charged/discharged conditions.
As a result, it is very important to have the battery protection board built into the solar lights battery pack, so that they can operate normally.

What is the battery protection board?
The battery protection board is a circuit board that can protect the battery pack. It is mainly composed of electronic circuits like control IC, MOS swifts, capacitors, resistors, and so on. When the cell current or voltage exceeds its rated value, the battery protection board can immediately swift off to keep the cell in safety.

What is the function of a battery protection board?
1) Overcharge protection
When a certain voltage is reached which exceeds the rated safe voltage, it will stop the battery charging.
2) Over-discharge protection
When the battery voltage drops to a certain voltage that is lower than the rated safe voltage, it will stop the battery from discharging.
3) Overcurrent protection
When the battery current is reached a certain value, the battery will stop discharging.

The purpose of all these functions above is to ensure the battery working in a safe condition.

Below is a video to show a comparison of the battery with or without a protection board, so that you can have a clearer understanding of the importance of a battery protection board.

By the way, all Judn Solar Lights battery packs are produced with a battery protection board, which ensures the long-life usage of the solar lights. Welcome to contact us for more information.